Sending out resumes. what i should/could/would i include?

so i’m about to send out my resume and finally put myself out there, but i don’t know what i should include and in what format. i was thinking of putting my portfolio on a cd and including it with a paper resume and sending it out like that. i don’t know though because it may be too much of a hassle for whomever i’m applying with. i mean, they get the resume but then they have to have access to a computer. i know that i should make it as convenient as possible, that’s all i’m worrying about.

also, what format should the digital portfolio be in? can i just have them as JPEGs, or should i do PDF or present it through powerpoint?

for those in the industry, please, a little help? thanks in advance and look out for my resume!

Multiple formats is the best method of delivery. Ship a teaser sheet (brief - highly visual sample of your best work) with your resume so they have something to look at. Then provide a web link to either a PDF or a web site (both are useful - PDF’s can be easily saved and are the industry standard - plus you have more control over them then with JPG’s or Powerpoints). This way if they don’t have access to a computer at that moment they have a mental reminder of your work and if theyre interested they have a link where they can get more.

i don’t have my own website…is that going to hurt me? i mean, i could set up a blogspot or something, but i don’t know if that would even be considered professional. thanks for the advice and pointers though, it’s much appreciated.

Look on the front page of Core from a few days back - they had a whole article about portfolio do’s and don’ts.

It’s VERY easy to set up a simple page to use as your portfolio - if you’re not a web designer don’t try to be. But use a web page as a landing spot to provide links for your resume, portfolio, and contact information. Theres no need to get carried away with an elaborate Flash page if you don’t need it. Check out other peoples websites and see what works well. If you’ve been able to figure out a CAD package, then dreamweaver should be a piece of cake.