Sending Out CV's/Mini Folios Early?

Hey there, i’m looking to get a placement for about april - september next year.

when do you think i should start o send CV’s out? when is considered too early, i dont want to be put to the bottom of the pile as new folios arrive on the comapines doorstep

Call the places you are looking to apply to and ask when they start accepting applications etc. Some of the big ones advertise when they accept applications, others won’t say anything at all.

so would you advise making sure that they are looking for an intern? rather than just sending it out to them?

im just thinking that sending it out to them may make them think about taking an intern on when they hadnt been thinking about it?

that make sense?

Believe me, they’ll be handed CVs and teaser portfolios almost daily, they’ll be more than aware of the opportunity of taking on an intern. I think making a phone call shows a genuine interest and slightly more confidence to communicate rather than just sending a portfolio out without any previous contact. And regardless, you should really try and make the effort to call the companies to get a name of the appropriate person to send work to as well, that also shows a bit of professionalism.

cheers for the advice, that why i joined the forum :slight_smile:

In my experience with sending stuff out for internships, the only way to insure a response is a phone call. My method has been to send a CV and a portfolio (email tends to be the easiest way, though it isn’t extremely professional) and call a couple of days later. Most of the time they’ll forget to get back to you on their own but are more than happy to talk if you contact them.

As far as timing goes, I would say the earlier the better, but keep a couple of things in mind: Hiring interns is low on a company’s priority list so there’s little chance of getting an offer right away (unless you’re a stud designer, of course.) Also, make sure your portfolio is ready for professional critique. If you feel like one more quarter/semester of school will benefit the quality of your work, wait. Sending out inferior work will not only hurt your immediate chances of getting a job, but it may also burn bridges for the future.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

when you say you call a couple of days later, do you call and ask if they have recieved your CV?, that sounds a bit forthcoming…almost as if you cant believe they havent got back to you. (sorry if u meant it in a differnt way)

I dont want to hound consultancies but i hear that if you are persistant then it can pay off

Please keep in mind that this opinion is one of a current student. I am simply stating info from my experiences and from what I’ve been told by fellow students, employers and professors. It would be helpful for you, and for myself as well, to hear the opinion of a practicing design manager.

I call, introduce myself and ask to speak with the person to whom I sent my info. If they ask what I’m calling about, I tell them that I contacted so and so about a job opportunity and am following up. If and when I talk to the right person, I remind them of the info I sent (in my case a CV, resume and portfolio) and ask them if they would like any more information or have any questions.

Don’t be afraid to call them. The worst that could happen is an immediate no, and you move on to your next option. If someone is agitated by one or two phone calls, they probably wouldn’t be a great person to work for. On the other hand, if you take no follow-up initiative, you have no control over your situation.

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Just Kidding, I would agree thats solid advice, but I would say sending out work is never bad. If your work isn’t so good they probably won’t even remember you and if they do when they see your way better work it will have more context.

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