Sending flowers an American custom ?

I’ve just got a very nice table bouquet from an American establishment as an apology. Is this what you do over there ? Its a set of white (with a hint of peachy pink centre) roses with Crabtree and Evelyn products in a wicket basket. I thought an apology was very good enough and I was really surprised they have taken an extra step forwards. I am going to write a thank you card.

It is. Mainly just a way to make the apology more personal.

See, we’re not so bad after all.

hiya all !

so sending flowers is a commonality there. Thats really nice. Hey, I never said Americans are bad though !

But I think I need to tone down on the baby-ishness.

I am too much of a baby. But I get the feeling this may not be well taken.

Thanks !

Another interesting update:

I wrote a thank you letter in appreciation of the flowers and gift to the top management.
After more than a week, they sent a nice card and hope that the service was ok and they are at my service. It was handwritten in fountain pen.

I am impressed !

But I think its a little overboard, because I am not a millionaire !

Now we’ve officially hit rock-bottom as a society. Being recently married, I saw this coming.

We’re now sending thank-you’s for thank-you’s. Where does it stop!?!?

You thanked them for the unexpected gift. Perfect. Thats what you should have done. Now they thank you back? Are they expecting another, thank you in return saying the service was perfect?!?


thats the fun part.

when I asked friends about it, they said they were surprise to find a business establishment to do this in the first place. Well we all don’t know
much about American culture, so maybe this is how you work there. This may be very common there too. To us, its a little strange. When I got the flowers my spectacles were halfway sliding down on my nose. When they sent me the card, my specs were close to falling off…

Why don’t I get such flowers from some admirers instead … much less of a ‘shock’ much more of a bliss…
(joke only though it may be a crappy one…)
oh well…nevermind…

ps: congrats on your wedding too. :slight_smile:

thought I add a small update as I really find this amusing

after the flowers and the card, they follow up with email and suggest a phone call to intrduce a new personnel.

i think its really a very good business sense to do so

but the main thing I like about here is the sense of humour during the conversation

you can have it different and surely i like being cheery (but i need to be less problematic… ah well…)

so i gave them a small assignment and see how they take it. :wink:

am waiting to see the results. :slight_smile: