Send large files

Hi everyone!

I wanted to ask you a professional question. When I am working with my coworker I usually find the problem that I want to send him as fast as possible some specific files (like large pictures or videos) but then I end up using Drive or WeTransfer, which I find pretty slow.

Do you experience the same kind of problems? Do you have other solutions? Thanks to all!!

Dropbox, box, or any other cloud service will be as slow as your general internet connection usually. If you are transferring massive files like multi-gig videos, raw images, etc locally, then your better bet is to simply sync them over your LAN. There are lots of easy ways to do local file sharing depending if you are a PC or Mac user - it’s built in to both OS’s

If you are not on the same network/same location then that isn’t an option.

Thanks, Cyberdemon.

Actually, I really like WeTransfer because it is very simple to use (it is only that it takes too long because of this uploading/downloading process). You are propossing to work with tools for local networks to increase transfer speed. Is there a simple solution, like ‘WeTransfer’, but for local networks?

QQ messenger is really fast at file transfers and offers quite large files for cloud transfers too.

I used Skype in the past to send large files to someone on line and made sure they go it straight away. not sure they allow that these days haven’t done it in a while.

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We use Wetransfer as well…

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We use Teamdrive in our company, it lets you sync folders in a Windows environment. It auto-syncs so it always ensures others receive the files.
For large files, Wetransfer works OK usually and for extreme amounts of data there is always the post office. :arrow_right:

For local networks? Why not just invest in a file server, or at the very least something like a Datto NAS drive? Why use a cloud service to do something your computer can do naturally, especially within the same office?

If you’re working in the same physical space you can use a file storage server with RAID configured to meet your needs. Some configurations can make your transfer rates pretty high, even if they are more than 2 users. RAID is a technique in wich you attach more than 2 hard disk drives for specific purposes. In a configuration; half of the Hard Disks can create an automatic copy of all the data of the other half … but it will be not as faster. In other configuration you can “add” the speed and storage of the hard disks involved for faster performance but with the risk that if a hard disk fail, you may lose your information.

If you’re not in in the same physical space you can search for setting up a FTP, a kind of “private” server between you and your workmate. It could be as fast as your internet connection and the set up of the ports in your computers.

Hope know you didn’t have serious bottlenecks due to the transferring files… it must be a headache. Wish you find a solution very soon !!

FTP transfer only. All the others listed are not totally owned by you or your company.