selling your work

I am attempting to produce and market a line of simple furniture. Have any of you had success on selling and marketing your own products/furniture? Any good ideas on marketing outlets?

Get it noticed, win a comp, then get blogged to death, then sell it via an online outlet (or make you own and double you take).

Dependant on the type of furniture an easy thing to try first is to make a few and approach a local boutique type shop and see if they’ll let you sell a few through them. This will help you gage the market, identify price, sort out finish and any production problems, all locally, saving time on delivery/transportation and hopefully get you a bit of cash.

Look up some of the information on the start of Blu Dot, I think you might find some inspiration in their story.

My first thought is to put a few self-made ones (if possible) in an artist/maker market and see what feedback you get. Whether it gets people excited to buy them etc… Its low budget and furniture is a over-saturated market.