"Selling" your idea...

Where does it end? Where do we as designers go when it is time to sell the idea. After all the ideation, all the research, refinement, engineering…when can you say this is “IT” or better yet how do we tell them that. How do we seal the deal with the client…marketing…accounting…and all of there spouses and kids? With all those opinions a snowball effect occurs and everyone has a say and no finality can be stamped in stone. Does the responsibility reside in the highest power at such and such company, or is it the design manager and his approach to claim rightful power? We all have ideas about what we like, then what we think someone else will like, then what the competition will say…I usually use the “would my mom like it?” test. But there must be a line.

I guess to some up ALL my questions…Are there any techniques or approaches that you designers/managers have witnessed or used that helps stream line the process?

We’ve come up with 4 “final designs” and have even started engineering on the latest to find the marketing department doesn’t care for it and now we’re back to the drawing board. Funny though, the sketch I did 3 months ago…the very first one, which was shot down by some link in the chain has now been approved for a 5th final design.

please…comments.suggestions.rants all accepted

Did you bother defending your ideas? Did you elaborate on how they came to be based off of marketing research and your own observations?

Design is a process. You came to your conclusions based on decisions. Communicate the story of your product and why it is good business and will make your company money.

Every design strategy you use to solve a problem should directly reference a business objective of the project you are working on.

Design is often subjective.
So my humble guess is balance beauty with logic.
A well styled product balanced with a logical benefit.

So when the concept itself has beauty & brains,
it will be easier to stand out.
And a easier way out (for the guys who have to do the selection).

Also, most important matter is PERSISTENCE.
(I know its hard & I, myself is trying to do it.
Because on the other side of the fine line is STUBBORNESS.)
Many people may tell you your idea dont work.
So if there’s a few concepts around, let them be the gauge where yours stand.
Isnt it good?

Cheerz, pal!

Design is often subjective.

DEsign rather than art is about improving the quality of a product/service experience as to get as wide of an acceptances as possible with the ultimate outcome of making money. End user feedback in the form of focus groups,etc during the design process is your gauge of acceptance.

As I said before, design is a problem solving process. You have data to back up your design decisions and to communicate a story for your desgin’s existance.

If you think design is subjective, its only because you let it become that.