Selling Products Sites

Hi All,

I’m gathering a list of sites where designer folks and makers can sell their creations. I know of Etsy and Ponoko, and after searching google and core77, I can’t seem to find other successful ones. I’m also wondering if there are more focused sites out there for well designed furniture and products (with a more modern taste is how I would describe it). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Can anyone help? I have a friend who’s a carpenter and is thinking of bringing some product designs to life. I’m not familiar with these type of marketplace sites so thought I would ask a community that might know some proven popular places. I’m sure he would appreciate a point in the right direction.


I don’t have a good direct answer to your question, but I did just come across which is software to help you manage selling things in multiple venues, including online. I don’t know how good it is, just saw it on another site and thought of this topic. The software site mentions Shopify, but that seems like just e-commerce hosting, no community, but I could be wrong.

When I think of an online marketplace for handmade hoods, the only place I think of is Etsy. For furniture though, it seems like most people focus on a local market and getting their stuff into galleries and independent shops. In Cleveland there a number of independent shops that would carry the goods you describe, maybe there’s some sort of organization you can reach them through.

No idea for an online marketplace for low volume production designery goods. Let us know of you find one.

Hi adrius.

You’re not having much luck here finding the information you’re after because the designers here are primarily professionals involved in designing for mass production for major corporations and consultancies.

You may have better luck using search keywords like, “arts & crafts selling”, etc.

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