Selling innovation to the managemet

For those who are corporate in-house ID, how do you sell innovation to the top management so that they will buy your idea and implement it in the current or future product plans?

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Money talks, bull**** walks. You have to show management how you can improve revenue/profits.

If you want to make things happen, find out how management measures and evaluates ideas. A lot of corporate settings have pretty defined stage gates or other development milestones, at which point decisions are made to either advance or kill an idea. In general, you have to be able to show:

  1. Your idea fits into the overall corporate product/market strategy
  2. Your idea represents a large enough market opportunity to profitably pursue
  3. Consumers will choose your product over competing alternatives - the caveat is you have to correctly understand what those alternatives are.

Find some allies in marketing, or talk to someone in an executive or project leadership position to help you put the pieces in place.

If by innovation you mean a better process for introducing and evaluating ideas, there is a ton of literature on the topic. Just look into some of PDMA’s publications - you’ll get a great start there.