Selling design to OEM

on a recent project for OEM one design for the customer got discarded. maybe not best solution for that customer but its pretty cool and a good concept for another customer. maybe more. i have some time and have decided to continue the design. i’m thinking i can show OEM a render and let them decide if they want to sell it to another customer. maybe show just the render. or an animation. or we fab a model. if customer bites, i sell them the 3D. if not, it’s a nice project for my business portfolio. fills in for a couple cancelled projects.

this isn’t a new approach. but interested in hearing stories for those who have done this. i’m in a position where i want to start pushing design upstream. this seems like an opportunity.


I think it all hinges on your (or their) terms and conditions. Do you have ownership of any ‘discarded’ concepts, or does the OEM own all rights to all intellectual property you generated while working for them?

It’s a sticky point, and not at all uncommon.

If you own it, go man go! If they own it, you have to put on your ‘designer as trusted advisor’ hat and sell them on the notion that your development of the idea outside their sphere of influence is good for them.

sorry. should have been clear. they paid for the concept. its theirs. but told them i might develop it independently since it got nixed. and would show them anything of worth.

only a couple days work to put into 3D. i wouldnt put a ton of time into something i didnt own. but figure a hot CG rendering would get attention. i know they have another client will be looking for something like this soon. so there IS a target in my mind. i’m just driving it. as an outsider. figure its a chance worth taking. worst can happen is they say No thanks.

guess no one does this.

just sent email to see if they’re interested. slim chance probably. but might learn something. or open other doors. also asked if i could show it if they dont want it. will post on geocities if they okay it. good Maya example.

just in the middle of posting images on Geocities and giving up link to them. OEM cut it loose in Friday email i got this morning. now just got asked about it.

well. at least this has someone interested. still be cool to hear if others have experience doing this. new to me. dont know what i’m doing here.


Sorry, wish I could help. I’m going to be trying to do a similar thing soon, see if I can sell a piece I was developing for my portfolio to a manufacturer since it’s right up their alley. Good luck, let us know how it turns out.

well. lesson 1. Expect confusion.