Selle Royal Saddle Selector - New Idea Design Contest

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Today, I’d like to briefly introduce you:

Selle Royal Saddle Selector
Selle Royal, leading company in the bicycle saddles market, is looking for an innovative system that gives support to the in-store sells. The aim of the contest is to identify an easy measuring tool able to suggest to each customer the most suitable saddle among the specific ergonomic range that will be offered in the next season and that will exhibit on a dedicated floor-display.

What we need
Selle Royal Saddle Selector is the chance to develop an innovative and engaging retail tool at the service of the end-consumers. The saddle selector is composed of two parts:
• Measuring tool : the end-consumers shall sit on such device that will collect the body data needed to retrieve the most appropriate saddle.
• Floor-display of products : a floor-display that shall exhibit at least 18 saddles with their packaging.

February 27th, 2014

All info and details are available from the official contest page: .
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