Guys I am wondering what i should do? I have some furniture and other designs that I would like to sell to a company!

But the problem remains is which company? will they steal it?
And if decide to manufacture it my self how can I let the world know about it?

some of you experience pros could help me out plz?

I am from london!


Over here in the States you’d probably encounter the situation where the prospective manufacturer wouldn’t even want to look at your work. Not because they are discounting the validity of your work, more because they would be afraid of a lawsuit if they didn’t hire you; the line of reasoning (?) being that if at some point they did manufacture something that YOU thought bore even a slight resemblance to your work you might want to sue them. A litigious lot we are over here…

So, manufacture your designs yourself. Pick out some avant garde boutiques and invite their managers to an open house or “show”; in your shop, or studio preferrably, or rent a spot.

Once a week my local newspaper devotes a portion of a page, in the business section, to a local business; maybe yours does too. Newspapers are always looking for something unique to publish.

London is a sophisticated, major world design center. I’d take advantage of it.

It depends on what your motivation is: either you go and meet them so they order you something, or you do your own projects - that what i’ve been doing - and contact companies and propose a specific project to them.
There is the risk that you get your idea stolen, but then again, producers steal ideas between them. What I usually do is get them to sign a document that states that they have received /seen/ kept a copy of my work, so I have a protection and they know you have a protection :wink:
If you want to start producing, take my advice and go to stores before you do. You will have feedback on your work from the guys that most aware of what is going on in the market, and you will have contacts to sell your stuff afterwards.
Hope it helps.