"Selfie Stick" Thermometer

Evening jam session: Random thought, you know how when you take your temperature when you are sick, but you can’t see the actual temp until it is all done? … I hate that. I want to see the temperature as it’s happening! So this is the Selfie Stick of digital thermometers :slight_smile: .

I’m loving seeing more of these renders being pumped out Yo! Funny how the little everyday annoyances start to grind after a while. Like having a stone in your shoe.

Young eyes.

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Is it a rectal thermometer?

Neat. So simple but smart!

I like the happy face with tongue out sign on the front. Should it maybe be on the screen though?


PS. Blue on blue background is really nice too… I might steal that look.

Thanks Richard. The tone on tone CAD renders (which I appropriated as well, so steal away :slight_smile: ) are a fun look. It almost becomes a modern day version of a Canson paper render.

Yes! Now I see that. Made me think of those renderings that are just so minimal chalk on a paper… maybe like this?


Nice idea +execution! I like the large display as well even though it compromises portability.

Thanks Ralph. Honestly I hadn’t;t thought about portability. I’ve never travelled with one. I could see how that might be more of an issue with potential pandemics. Ever since SARS I’ve experienced checkpoints while traveling through China where officials will take your temperature using a laser device. I always wondered why those have not become more available for the consumer market as they seem to take temperature pretty much instantaneously. Maybe they are not as accurate? I haven’t done research into them.

Laser thermometers apparently aren’t too accurate. They have them for babies and I thought I’d get one as you don’t need to bother the baby, but the doctor said don’t bother. I guess within normal range or slightly elevated for diagnostics is different than screening for full out SARS or Coronovirus at an airport.

Too bad. Because lasers.


maybe if they added bluetooth to the lasers? :wink: