Self-healing Cutting Mats

does anyone know how these things are made?

they aren’t ‘made’.

they’re mined out of the ground, sorted by color, and graded by size.

hahahahah. such a dumb response. try again.

kryptonite from the planet Krypton is melted under 6000 deg. plus heat, this blob is then thrown into a vacuum chamber. The mat thus takes on “self healing” properties.

dumb and getting dumber. try again. a+ for effort tho.

Thank you for the A+, now I give you an F in recognizing sarcasm…

you are a true idiot. look who doesn’t recognize sarcasm. loser.

hahaha, I give you an A for temper, sh*tface

haha you guys have too much free time…and so do i.

yes, definitely an A for temper. i’m blushingly happy with the A for temper!!! (but really, it’s worth at least an A+, no? sorry…i am insatiable…)