Selecting a Packaging Design Firm

One would think it would be pretty easy having a background in industrial design and following the design community somewhat closely. I’m having a hard time finding a firm that specializes in packaging that has knowledge of enthographic research, form/human factors and appropriate materials (glass). What I am finding is graphic studios that have little to know structural knowledge or suppliers that have the appropriate knowledge of research and design. When I do find a firm that offers what I’m looking for, also cost an insane amount for their surfaces.

I think we all struggle with this in the CPG industry. There are some great firms out there thought.

Kaleidoscope: I have done some work with these guys and they have a strong strength in understanding the consumer. The also do quite a bit of work for P&G.

Product Ventures: I have not work with them directly, but they have done some work for us in the past and everyone here in the office seems to think they do a pretty decent job. I know they have a decent understanding of pkg engineering as they have pkg engineers on sight as well as mechanical. This you do not find often.

Group4: I know a few people that came from there as well as they have pitched their agency to us. I have never worked with them, but from what I have seen they have an understanding of consumers interaction with packaging and how consumer shop. Their design work looked decent, but like I mentioned I would have to give them some work to get a true read on their skills

There are others such as:

Dragon Rouge
Nottingham and Spirk

All of which I have worked with and do really great work.

Hope this helps.

Thanks! I’ll look into those. I got Product Ventures as one of the companies I was looking to contact. I’ll look into the others. Have you heard of anything about Metaphase?