seious question, as designers and humans what would you do

if you became blind? Design for the most part is visual, so how about it folks tomorow you wake up in the hospital blind.

I’m a pessimist. I’d wither and die. What are my options as a designer?

I’ve thought about this as well, and my disability insurance is pretty high because I’m not sure how I would cope. I’d still want to make and design things somehow and I hope I would work it out to make sure that would be possible if I ever did loose my site.

sculpture is the only one that comes to mind, and lecturing.

Design for the most part is visual

I think a big part of design is visual but if it were mostly visual there would be a far fewer unemployed designers.

A well trained designer with great analytical skills and a better vocabulary who lost their site could be an asset on many projects.

Specifically products for the blind, but really on anything that required “blind” operation.

I would imagine the feedback you could get from someone who was trained with sight and then lost it would be vastly different than from someone who was blind their entire life or even from someone wearing a blindfold and pretending.

all true, but we all know the world dont work that way.

become an olfactory and tactile design consultant.

like everyone else I would hate to lose the ability to draw
however, would be forced to sculpt alot. probably become very good at it.

I’d go deaf and blind and play a mean pin-ball!

After being totally depressed for a few months, if I didn’t end my life, I’d find another career. Like cooking. Or music composition. Eyes and hands are the tools for this profession.

i would go back to school for more education.

maybe i would become a crosswalk guard.

while i might not be able to design things in the traditional sense (sketch, mock up, build, etc) i could still be a valuable part of a design team without my eyes.

most of my job is spent going out and talking to people… while my methods of observation do require my eyesight… most of it is about understanding why people do things the way they do them. and that is all about asking appropriate questions, listening and understanding.

the synthesis of these “understandings” while it might be visually aided with post-it notes is still mostly an interpretation that really doesn’t need my eyes… just my ability to converse with my peers.

the result of this synthesis is usually a framework, or design principles that form a direction for ideation and i certainly wouldnt need my eyes for that either.

so yes i wouldnt be able to rock CAD or throw down mad sketches… so i guess continuing to design “products” might be out. but i think that might not be all bad.

right now i try my best to just find problems and solve them. and by not having the capability to physically create “things”, i might in turn focus more on the core of a problem and how it might be solved a bit more interpersonally.

so it looks like if i were blind i could still be a designer… but i would dearly miss creating beautiful objects.

just my 4 cents. BTW, good question.

I’ve thought of that too almost everyday while the chicago winds whip all sort of debris in my eyes. It’s hard to comment on something new that you can’t see unless it takes all of it’s visual cues from well known designs that can be alluded to.
I’m not the best/most convincing speaker so I’d have to get back into fitness and become a trainer, aikido for fun and go back to djing for the club scene for income.

I’d become a professional musician.