Seen this yet?

No i had not seen that before. Wish the car had gone stomped on some Fords or nasty German sedans! That would be better than dancing on its own in the parking lot?

funny shyt. ye this is targeted for the ladies. i aint gonna buy it after tht. maybe it it did some mega tron shyt. funny tho.

song stuck in my head…

Why won’t they bring more euro hot hatches to the US???

Yeah I know the reason…

how could a transformers car be targetted at the ladies?
isn’t a robot car stereotypically a boy thing?

…but it can dance, and the chicks love a guy that can dance. I’m not sure if they like a car that can dance though.

Maybe… it’s not a chick’s car? Certainly not American chicks.

You mean for the ones that don’t shave?

That was awsomr!!!

there’s women that don’t shave?? :open_mouth: