Seeking transference to a Canadian University


I find myself in a bit of a jam. See, I’m a Brazillian industrial design student, but my current university has been sold. Therefore, I’m looking for information regarding transference to a Canadian university. Some of my current options include Emily Carr, Ontario College of Art and Design and Alberta University. However, I have next to no information about which would be the best choice for my area. I am still unsure about which specific branch I will pursue after college, but I’d like to have a generalistic, consumer product-oriented education.

So you see, I need your help. I’d also like to know which colleges have the best options for international students such as myself.

Thanks in advance for all your attention. :smiley:

I’m currently an international student at Emily Carr. The school itself is very diverse, lots of international students and local students from other cultures (the nature of Vancouver itself). There’s pluses and minuses between the Canadian schools, and pretty much all other ID schools in the world. I know of some classmates that was going to or that did transfer over from OCAD. It’s all personal opinions, greener on the other side…

Emily Carr is currently changing the ID program for the better, I’m jealous of the new 2nd year ID students that’s about to start the program, they have more course selections and streamlined/combined courses to help speed up on basic courses. The school itself is pretty conceptual based, but they do put an emphasis on actual model building vs just computer generated prototypes. We do have a fairly flexible elective choice compared to other ID programs I’ve seen, so if you wanted to you can explore some fine arts courses as an elective. This could be bad too since some “highly recommended” courses are no longer required, like ergonomics or CAD; so some students don’t take vital ID-specific courses like those in favor of other personal preferred courses.

No matter which you chose, make it your own. If you don’t feel you’re not learning what you think you should, take it upon yourself to learn on your own. No school is perfect, some may focus on some parts than others, students will always complain, etc. Another important thing to consider is the town itself and living expenses. I personally love Vancouver, I’d live there after school if I can, weather is mild compared to the rest of Canada (not hot in summer, not too cold in winter), but it is a pretty $$ town too.