Seeking sewable hardware

I’m in search of plastic hardware references, who have produced sewable components. I need to source or produce a component, probably in vinyl, with a sewable flange. Any references would be greatly appreciated - and we are attempting to secure Made in USA designation, so stateside companies are a plus. I can provide drawings upon request. Thanks!

If you’re using a vinyl or other soft plastic, you can design the area to be sewn with a smaller cross section and they can just stitch straight through it. Look at some luggage, that’s how the corner protectors and back/bottom bumpers/runners are attached. The area where it’s stitched is just thinner so they can go straight through. You might be able to just get an old bag to snatch it off to measure the thickness in the area and use that as a guide. I’m sure a quick search through alibaba would lead you to some places that produce some of those bumpers (may not be stateside though).

Nylon, thermoplastic urethane is sewable in a thin tab, backpack hardware, etc., plastic that will not propagate a crack.

yes, i understand how to design it - i’m looking for references to manufacturers/distributors. i can alibaba it of course but i always like to try for a reference if possible - also i’m hoping that the part i need may exist in a catalog so that i can avoid custom tooling. thanks, all!

“Plastic hardware” is broad and unspecific. If you want a specific product, you might get a specific response. Any plastic injector can make the part.

National Molding, Helentex, ITW-Fastex

as referenced in the post, we’re looking for someone with experience molding sewable components. Most likely vinyl (or nylon as mentioned, for marine environment but low cost preferred), in low volume <5K, Q1/Q2 2011, USA a plus, control drawings available upon request. Design is patent-pending so NDA must be in place for further details.

Thanks again, anyone reading, as finding a good vendor in USA is way tougher than heading overseas.