Seeking Mentorship via Skype

I’m leaning on the Core77 community to help me out if possible. I’m encountering a few different situations in my young design career right now. I have a growing part-time freelance business and I’m also trying to make a big impact as a new employee for a company that doesn’t utilize design very well. If there are any experienced industrial designers willing to offer advice via Skype a couple of times a month they’d receive my eternal gratitude. I’m happy to exchange some freelance hours or help how I can.

More about me: I graduated in 2008 with a BFA in ID and since then I have had a couple design/engineering related jobs and success as a freelancer which has evolved into a 2-person part-time business. Since beginning my final internship in 2007 I have really wanted to work under an experienced industrial designer. Someone to critique my work and process. If you are a manager, entrepreneur, or have a business background that would be a huge bonus. I just want to continue learning. I have aspirations of becoming a design director, innovation leader, or an entrepreneur who develops products.

Any takers for this sweet deal? Please send me a message!

Thanks Core!

I would be happy to participate in a “Skype” mentoring program with you, i have 13 years experience in both corporate design and consultancy. you can reach me at

I also see that you are in WI. if you are close to Milwaukee we can even have face to face meetings.

Also if you are a member of IDSA i believe they also have a mentoring program.

Chevis W.


Glad to hear from you. We’ve worked together before, but I’m no longer in Milwaukee. I wasn’t aware of IDSA’s program so that should be helpful. Thanks again!

I thought you might be the same Ryan but wasn’t sure.

Hi Ryan,

I’d be happy to skype with you - something like once or twice a month would work. Feel free to shoot me an email and we’ll get the first one on the calendar. My history and my company’s efforts fit all the categories you’re looking for.