Seeking lawyer in Chicago or Michigan to draft contract

I’ve recently met with a company to potentially sell them a furniture design of mine. The meeting went really well, and I feel that the next step is to sit down with a laywer and come up with a solid contract proposal for payment. Being right out of college, I don’t want to make any mistakes in how I set this up. At this point I would like to think about seeking a reasonable up front payment, and 1% royalties there after instead of the standard arrangement of 3% royalties. If anyone can suggest a laywer or firm that has dealt with similar types of contracts before it would be much appreciated. Thanks.


i got into the same situation as you too. try asking your lecturers at your former school. they should be more than happy to help. and the school may have a lawyer and you can use him too. yup.

thats what i did anyway. i got the lawyer for free (from my former school that is) and i just need to pay him a percentage of the money i’ll get.

good luck anyway.