Seeking ID related work in Denver, CO

Hey guys,

I’m currently working a full time gig in the midwest. My current job is great, lots of variety, great clients, great coworkers, but mediocre pay. The real bummer is the location. I hate the midwest. I grew up here, and it seems that most people just stay in/have babies/do nothing, post school. This really bums me out.

I’ve spent a lot of time in Denver, and have quite a few friends there. It seems that it’s much more common to remain active, and do fantastic things instead of spending your days watching netflix/reading books. I usually travel to Colorado 2x a year, and I’m far happier there. I’m looking to relocate, but I’m having trouble finding many design firms. With the economic boom Denver has seen in the past 10 years, I’m surprised there aren’t more firms. Could you guys list the firms/corporations that might be interested in hiring an extremely taleneted designer with 7+ years of experience?


Definitely sounds like the right thing to do directionally. I have not heard much in terms of ID in Denver. What about Park City? I think Skull Candy and a few other places are there.

The c77 design directory shows a few entries:

There’s a fairly active IDSA chapter in the Rocky Mountain region you might want to check out.
The chair is Dan Griner. From what I’ve seen, the industry is mainly medical, outdoors, and military. There are not many traditional design consultancies out here.