Seeking Furniture Design: Coffee table to big table


I have a living room in my house that gets used twice a year. I hate the room.

My wife and I want to convert it into a coffee lounge. We’d like to set up 2 tables and chairs in the room and have a small espresso bar in the corner. That’s easy. Here’s the rub…

We want the ability to convert the coffee room back into a dining room those 2 times / year. What I’d like to do is to then use the coffee tables as the base for a dining room table. Does that make sense? So in other words, for most of the time we’d have 2 square tables with 4 seats each. Then when we want to use the whole room we’d bring out a table top and use that for a holiday dinner.

Anyone know of designs out there for this I can work with? Or commercial product like this? Or a recommended resource who can help?



I found a few current products within five minutes googling with “convertible dining table”, and “modular dining table”. There are more out there.

Resource Furniture (Core77 video)

From Dwell in the UK.

The one by UK designer Lee Sinclair has been around since 1989.


I’ll take this project on if you’re looking for a custom design and build.

Aaron, please keep in mind Core77’s restrictions on “commercial activities” on the Discussion Boards.

Feel free to contact them via PM. Although, in this particular case, this is the sole post made by this person; I suspect this was a consumer looking for something and never came back…