Seeking feedback

Update: New year, current portfolio here.

Hi all,

I’m just finishing up my second year at Carleton, and while an internship isn’t required until after third year, I wanted to work on a portfolio and potentially put myself out there.

Here’s a link to my portfolio on Behance. I’m working on design intent drawings for the first project, and am thinking about swapping the hand-drawn orthographics of the speaker with illustrator drawings. I also plan to take better in-use photos of the Mule project when I’m back in Toronto in a few weeks time. All feedback is appreciated!



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Thanks for the advice! I’ll work on making them more clear and concise.

I’ve edited a fair bit. Here’s the current version.

Changes since last time:
-clarified order, purpose and contents of some projects
-same fonts throughout
-same and clear intro page to each project
-contents page at the beginning
-removed speaker project, added hard hat
-added content to some projects

Things I still need to do:
-possibly add a research/ideation page for the hard hat
-add a rendered hard hat in context
-add notes to a couple of the hard hat sketches
-remodel/render/layout the exploded view of the snowmelt device
-take some better pictures of the rapid prototyped LEGO parts
-rewrite some of the text.

Again, any and all feedback is appreciated!

Hi Isaac, you have some nice work. Your portfolio has a nice feel overall, especially for a second year student.

I have 2 pieces of input for you.

  1. the first is minor. The page breaks between each project could be more different. For example, if that page was a solid color flood with type knocked out, I’d know quickly as I scrolled through your folio that I hit a new project.

  2. I think the overall structure of problem statement/solution works. I’d like to see more exploration between those two steps. You show a sketch here and there, and a study model here and there. I’d like to see the funnel, i.e.: research, explored 15 concepts, selected xy and z from these three concepts, tested, mashed up, re explored, finalized these three concepts, reviewed, down-selected to final solution, refined, refined, refined.

Thanks! I decided to go a more hybrid-route (presentation vs. process) for this version of the portfolio, since I didn’t have as much time to dedicate to it while working on studio and other projects. I’m planning to show more of the final solutions on Behance, with the PDF being a lot more process-based when I work on it some more. That, and improving sketching, are what I’ll be working on this summer.

Hey guys, I’m re-working my portfolio; adding some new projects, tweaking some of the current ones, and building a portfolio website. I’m planning to have a journal-type section showing off more personal, small projects and other stuff not suitable for the body of the portfolio. The LEGO project and Mule tool will be moved there. Do you think the stool adds much value to my portfolio? I like showcasing working in the shops, but don’t have much else to show for it.



Big update. I’ve moved to a portfolio site, narrowed down and reworked a couple of projects and added another. Some of the other projects have been moved to the journal section. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I’m leaving the link to my previous portfolio in the first post for reference.


The page design is nice and straight forward. Overall, I think you need 2 more large projects. 3 just feels too thin. I’d also add a nice final image of the sheet sander at the end of the scroll of that project. The Snow melt monitor thing doesn’t pop for me as a project. Maybe it needs a nicer final image.

Thanks for the feedback, Michael. I’ve played around withe sheet sander page a bit. I agree with you about the snow melt monitor - it’s a project I’ve tried to fit my portfolio a few times, and I’m having trouble. I’ll likely drop it when I’ve got another project to include. I have also added two new projects - the gum packaging is a light one, and Re: is a bit more substantial. I’m reworking the models and renders in Re:, and am still working through the layout.


I am a fan of your portolio - both the behance and the website version.

I think the layout is clean and easy to follow, each project is laid out well and easy to follow through the stages of the designs.
A very nice body of work - you clearly have some good skills in model making and your sketching is good as well.

In regards to the weight each project carries, I think the balance is good now the smaller projects have been added.
Showing longer running projects broken up by smaller ones shows you can work well on different types of briefs and to different time scales.

Nicely done and good luck for the future!