Seeking educational and/or ecologically themed toys

I am looking for toys that could be called educational. They could also have an ecological or otherwise earth-friendly theme.

Ideally, the toy would more a line than a single toy.

Preferably, the designer or inventor should already have a prototype and patent (or have initiated a professional patent search).

Regarding the above, I can be reached by private messages me through core77. If that doesn’t work, I can also post contact information.

By the way, please let me know if this is the wrong place for such a post.

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I think more information about why you’re looking for these toys would be helpful. Are you a manufacturer or an established toy brand? Is this a new initiative to launch educational eco-friendly products? In short, if the designer has a line of toys designed, with prototypes and patents, what would you bring to the table?

Hi Optimistic,

This is for a company that already has one educational toy line. They are seeking to expand their toy offerings, and would like to license toys that fit in with an educational or ecologically theme.

In terms of what this company would offer, they would license the design/patent, then build and market the toys.

We are a product design and prototyping company. We helped design and build their first toy line, and they have come to us for help with expanding their offerings.

  • Tom