Seeking Director of...

How is it that there are more way more openings for directors of firm, design dept, schools etc than entry level jobs? Why such a big vacuum in these top jobs? It’s like there’s some mass-murderer running through the country, offing heads of design institutions.

Current employment trends definitely aren’t fitting the normal pyramid of lots of greater lower experienced opportunities at the bottom and less more experienced at the top of the workforce.

maybe because U.S. based managers are using overseas entry-level designers. one pricey manager and alot of low-cost staffers on manufacturing site. makes sense.

it’s like Dilbert
they rather hire from outside than promote.

Why? Because it’s hard to find good design directors/managers. The best are usually employed, so you have to work harder (ie advertise on Core) to lure them. Conversely there’s a wave of entry level designers coming out of the schools so there’s no need to advertise.