Seeking design inputs for a consumer electronics product


Not sure this is appropriate. So, please forgive me, if it isn’t. I have posted a project over on CrowdSpring for a next generation after-market car heater remote control. This should be of interest to a lot of designer, who want to get their designs out there and in the hands of tens of thousands of drives across all European and a few American car brands.

Please let me know, if this posting isn’t appropriate for this forum. If so, I do apologize and won’t do it again.

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Welcome aboard Ruedi,

I don’t see anything “inappropriate” about your post reference to another website. We would, however, be more interested if you posted the pertinent details of your project HERE as well; it makes further group discussi0n much easier.

Personally, I’m not really inclined to register on another site just “To view the details of this project”.

Agreed. If you want comments, post the work here.