Seeking Business Parter for Custom Furniture StartUp in L.A.

I’m a hard goods designer who has been working with a premiere, custom furniture house in Los Angeles. I’m seeking to branch off on my own.

What I bring to the table:

  • nine years of solid design experience
    *strong business strategy and approach/target market
    *knowledge and connection to all local vendors (wood and metal fabricators, lighting makers, craftspeople, leather, upholstery, glass, stone, cast resin, fine wood finishers, gilders, carvers, painters, etc.)
  • understanding of costs related to manufacture, timelines

What I need:
*someone with a strong business/financial sense
*strong client relations skills
*marketing/PR skills

I’m interested in getting into all aspects of design as it relates to hard goods, (i.e. both custom, one-off pieces working directly with interior designers as well as doing royalty-based design for longer revenue streams)

I have a portfolio on Coroflot: www.

Ki Charm John Kim