Seeking advice and feedback. Thanks a lot!

I just fail my application recently. I know my works are still far from profession and I’m working on it now. However, I 'm not sure how to improve myself. Any advice and feedback will help a lot. I’ll really appreciate. Thanks!

I think a lot of stuff in the portfolio is a little unclear. Each project is shown very quickly with a lot of text. More visual description would really help your portfolio. Starting with your resume, I wouldn’t post those feet all over your history, it’s very distracting and confusing. I can tell english may not be your first language, which makes your portfolio a little confusing when you rely so much on words. For your achievements you use the word “Got” a lot. that word is so simple it kind of seems unprofessional and strange, try something like “received…” or remove the word all together.

As far as your skills are concerned, it’s very clear you have good computer skills, but drawing and hand model making is not so clear. Your drawings aren’t bad to look at, but they don’t seem to give a lot of visual information about what the project is, or what development you may have achieved throughout the process of each project.

Your graphic design skills are clear also, but I think it gets in the way and each page is too designed and it makes it hard to read.

Thank you very much! You’re right that I’m still working on my language problems. Anyway ,I really appreciate your feedback and I’ll try to improve it.