Seduce the client

Seduce the client…

Because so many designer need to face this phases, it should be helpful for everybody if anyone could talk about their experiences.

Technically, my experience is clear, sketch is ok, but 2d Proposal with illustrator can be be so attractive and it is so fast to obtain a clean result before the client approval and before consuming time in 3D.

How much time you consume for the concept phase? And which tool do you use?

I more creative and conceptual…and I think some people are better technicien than me in 3d.

Let`s talk about that!


You must be new to the working world of design.

Don’t waste too much time on 2D concepts, surest way to make a solid lasting impression is with 3D models asap - weight, feel, touch portability (and actual looks) can only be assessed this way. Few people will put money on the table based on pretty renderings.

Unless you’re doing magazine layout proposals, start getting your hands dirty in the shop right away. Chances are too it won’t take you much longer than top-notch renderings and you’re gonna have to provide functional prototypes eventually anyway.

Product design is mostly about stuff people handle, right? You’re not inviting your client to a museum.


No i`m not a beginner in Design.

I`m happy to open a discussion and obtain everybody experience because i believe there is not only one way to obtain a result. And each products should have a different approach.

Some company treat their client through different behaviour, more especially when the clent is new and doesn`t know the designer.

Some client like the sketch but require very early some rendering even in 2d, this is my experience. and some designer don`t have the skill to present this quick 2d rendering and show some ugly sketch…finally they lose the client…I like it because of that I get some project in that case.

I`m working for one electronic company and one famous design agency in Taiwan, more orientated into the design concept, I provide the idea, and concept…and follow each step until production.

It seems to work like that, but i`m steel curious to hear the other…I Hope people can express their thinking.

typically when I’ve been…or when I have…“seduced” a client it always involved taking the client to a martini bar after a presentation.

Usually they will open up about their needs more comfortable, its a very difficult strategy because if you ask wrong you may look like a drunk or if you drink too much you might look like an idiot…haha…my boss drank too much one time, funny stuff.

…but rememeber…if your presentation/charisma sucks, they won’t want to go out for drinks after.

in short, if they like you and your an able designer…it won’t matter if its Illustrator or an animation.

now, where is that elusive martini?

Taiwan’s environment is different from the US. Clients don’t like to waste time by looking at your sketches. In fact, most clients don’t want to hear abt your amazing concepts. They just want something that looks decent, cheap to manufacture and sells… wait, isn’t that what all clients wants?

Anyway, I interned at a Taiwan’s leading firm last year. A typical process is abt 3 days of sketching. Then a discussion will be held, a few design will be decided and off you go into AutoCAD drawings and photoshop renderings. These will then be proposed to the client. Total of 5 working days.

Changes will be made to the selected proposal and I think the next is go into ProE.

Sometimes the company will provide 1 or 2 Alias models as a part of the proposals, but that really was just to make things look better.

3 months later, you see your design on shelves.

I guess that is why taiwan designs and manufactures crap. They don’t care about design, or have any form of reputation for design, they have a reputation for…making cheap crap quickly.

If your client actually cares about making a good product that will last more than a week, 2D presentation is an important phase between sketching and modeling. The most successful method of communicating seems to be throwing some photoshop color over tight hand drawings. This is quick and very attractive when done right. Present around 10-15 concepts and let them pick a few to take further into 3d.

I still say feed them multiple Martini’s and get an attractive woman to sit on their lap till they realize the brilliance of your design.

If you find yourself in that situation…don’t forget to treat yourself to a lap dance also. :laughing:

It seems that you live in the 80s…

Ask yourself why are many jobs running away from the US to Asia? They are cheap, but acceptable, and that means they are more competitive than what firms here can offer.

Yeah, you know about bad designs from Taiwan, but never thought about where some of the good designs around you come from.

And what is a good design? Purely aesthetically pleasing, ergonomic… what about affordability?

And manufacturing. Who do you think you will be dealing with if you reject Taiwan? Mainland China? Oh great! I guess you don’t mind their premium grade meat that was actually made from dead and diseased animals huh? Or blankets stuffed with untreated waste cottens collected from medical waste, so filty that it’s black?

I like to just think about one side of the story too.

My point for my post is to say that Taiwan’s design environment poses a different set of challenges. It’s almost entirely up to the designers to uphold the integrity of design and in the same time to deal with clients who want less. A designer from the US may not actually do well in Taiwan’s environment, so is vice versa.

Seriously…both of you…get a lap dance, that’d solve this arguement…then make a martini toast to those dancin’ girls working through college and supportin’ a kid…hehe

Yeah that’s what I need… sadly.

but I can’t resist the urge to put my two bits in the discussion…

I agree with the Molested Cow…although having months to design a project sounds great, the market demands quick turn around.

Too often European and American designers over-design for the client. Very few clients want a full-blown ergonomic, environmental, behavior altering product…although the european market is more appreciative of these types of products.

Regardless, designers can remain in denial…but economist have been saying for years that asia is the newest, fastest growing market.

So one might say that Europe/American firms have more in-depth thought into the design, which extends shelf life and improves brand recognition.

…but asia is meeting the needs of companies by reducing R&D costs and getting products to market quicker, this results in higher profit.

so both of you are right…strive to streamline the design process into two weeks. Tough, but design is like that.

Regardless, design contracts are going to asia at an alarming rate. So instead of looking over the atlantic to see what they’re doing…maybe we should be looking over the Pacific and find out where they’re competitive edge is.