second life, what do people think?

I have noticed a lot of press recently regarding second life and how brands are building presence in the virtual environment. I know Adidas have a retail space where you can buy a virtual shoe for 10cents or there abouts…what do you guys think to this? could be another way for smaller nieche brands to generate awareness and a revenue stream…any ideas on the outlay (financial) to set something up…are there any rivals to this site? does it offer enough experinece, satisfaction etc…great to hear your ideas/thoughts

I don’t understand the point of buying a virtual shoe for 10c. It baffles me. Please explain.

While I have never “played” the game I too have noticed the press - some of which is pretty interesting.

American Apparel has a virtual store in Second Life. They actually paid a designer to come up with the store concept and build the virtual store. I believe that it’s possible to purchase a shirt at a “real world” AA store and then type in your proof of purchase to pick up a virtual version of the same shirt at the SecondLife store for your avatar to wear.

There is a hotel brand that is currently prototyping a hotel there also.

Starwood Hotels & Resorts is launching its new Aloft Hotel in the virtual land of Second Life in September, months before the chain of hotels opens in real life. The brick-and-mortar version of the hotel, which caters to active, urban 30- to 50-year-olds, is set to roll out the red carpet sometime in 2008. The folks at Starwood are hoping the hotel attracts a lively bunch of avatars who like to mingle in the lobby and give feedback about the hotel. In this way, Second Life will help guide the earthbound hotel’s operations.

Yo posted something about this topid a couple weeks back. Thought would pull up the link for those who missed that topic could check it out.



It seems a bit silly and pointless to me, I don’t think I’d waste my time playing at virtual something or other (I prefer wasting my time like this :laughing: )

I suppose you have to see if it would appeal to your target market and take it from there…

Shoenista: I am with you. I heard this a few times on NPR and a few podcasts. Sounds like a whole lot of people wasting time to me rather than getting out into the world.

I think you guys should read an article that “Popular Science” wrote on “second life” last month. I thought it sounded silly as well untill they explained some of the potential it holds. Read the article and then make an informed decision, i’m interested to what you guys think.

You got a link?

He might mean this one? I dont know, I havent read it yet either lol