Second Language skills

has anyone come across a design job where it was imperative or at least near-mandatory to be bilingual in say English & Spanish-or-Mandarin-or-Cantonese?

If you’re working in China I’d say it’d be imperative to be bilingual.

If you’re working in America or Europe I think it’s becoming more and more useful to be bilingual. I’ve got learning cantonese on my “list of things to do”

From what I have seen, most companies rely on the other side to speak English.

English is not necessarily the most widely spoken language, though it seems to be the language that transgresses ethnic/racial boundaries the most frequently… Can’t say that about any other tongue. Though i’m sure it’s always helpful to know a 2nd or even 3rd.

Being a resident of California, I look at it this way; most Mexican children speak English and Spanish. I see them translating for their parents all the time.

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