Second bachelors or masters in ID?

Hi all,

I’m in need of some advice. I just graduated with a BFA in sculpture this past May and I am kicking myself for not going to a school with an ID major. What is the best way to get into the field? Go back to school and get a second bachelors degree or apply to a masters program in ID.

I am working on revamping my portfolio and learning 2D and 3D modeling software in my free time, but I am wondering if applying to an undergraduate program would be my best bet to break into the field. Obviously I would visit different schools to make sure I would want to commit to something like this, but I was wondering if it is too absurd of an idea. Thanks,


If you can afford to pay for the extra study I say go for it.

I think the masters would help you more as it will start from a higher level than a bachelors degree. I guess it depends on which is the most relevant route to your goal.

My brother is 32 and is doing a masters in environmental management after 6 years as a software engineer, so it seems you can jump into a masters in a completely unrelated field here in Australia.

Sculpture and ID… I see a few avenues. Automotive design, abstract furniture, high end tableware. You’ve got a good start in my opinion.

Just remember that it’s the portfolio that counts most.
The name of the school, or title on the diploma may only serve to get a second glance at your work.
ID education is an effort in = rewards out system. So think more about what you can really commit to as a professional after graduation and pick the degree that fits that vision best.

I faced this same conundrum about two years ago. My degree, however, was in retail management. I was told by professors and instructors that I talked to that if you want the practical skills and knowledge then you should do an undergrad, if you want more of the theorizing and research then do grad school (though I’m sure this isn’t true 100% of the time). I am currently a junior (doing a second undergrad) at OSU in ID and I am very satisfied with my decision. Thinking about having to learn this stuff on my own is stressful because of the amount of dedication and time devoted by my professors. Hopefully this post helps, sorry I can only speak from the undergrad perspective. Good luck on your decision!