Seattle to Yellowstone - recommendations?

So after moving to the US we’re off on our second proper road trip, and I thought this might be a good place to see if anybody had any recommendations of things to do, eat, see or try?

We’ll be driving and camping from Seattle to Yellowstone (via the I-90 direction), then down through Yellowstone and Grand Teton, and back to Seattle (probably via the I-84 route).

Stop at Meltz in Coeur d’Alene for a grilled cheese.

Stop at Bequet Confections in Bozeman for their sea salt caramels,.

Off the trail a bit, but I recommend Glacier National Park.

If you’re Twin Peaks fans, stop by the Great Northern ( )

Fabulous, thank you! Will check some of them out! :slight_smile:

Love Snoqualmie Falls! I think we’ve taken every visitor we’ve had there, haven’t actually been to the lodge though, maybe next time we have visitors… after a damn fine coffee and a slice of cherry pie?!

Just got back from a trip to Tetons and Yellowstone!

  • Yellowstone was crawling with tourists. (Me being one of them.) Be prepared for that. The traffic and parking will be bad. The geothermal stuff was cool but I personally enjoyed the “Grand Canyon of Yellowstone” more. Ole Faithful is cool but not the coolest geothermal attraction, in my opinion.
  • Aerial Tram at Jackson Hole village is expensive but the view was amazing and there’s hiking at the top.
  • Jenny Lake and a couple others nearby (I forget their names) were beautiful hiking.
  • Bring food. There wasn’t much in Yellowstone.