Seattle Sign-Makin' Meetup

Hey Core77 Seattle folks (and any other CoreFolks in town!):

Let’s have a meet-and-greet downtown. I’ve been doing some sign work for a local bar/restaurant (see recent Projects discussion thread: Tap List) and have a bit of credit there to throw to the gathering; first few rounds or so on me.

August 17th (two weeks from today’s posting).

Any takers?

Rudimentary website for which I have no responsibility :slight_smile: here:


I wish I was there, I’d totally go! Hope some c77 peeps turn out. I know there are a dozen or so Seattle folks on here.

Give a shout next time you’re in town, Michael.

Any more details on this? Depending on the time I could prob make it.

I can make 5:30 - 7
Sain, you’re the only local response, so if that doesn’t work, I’d say we could reschedule; maybe try Sept and see if anyone else emerges.

Wish I was local!

Hello from the MSP sign-making scene…