Seating that Doesn't Look Like Seating: The Entropy Chair - Core77

On the one hand this Entropy Chair, by décor company Philips Collection, is visually interesting and seems designed for inclusion in artsy movies. And it provokes curiosity; if I walked into a room containing this, I couldn't not sit in it.

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Really curious what the work instructions look like for making that chair.

I don’t want to imagine my dog trying to jump up on that! :dog:

I’d be interested in seeing those too. Maybe it’s something like Sol LeWitt’s instructions on how to make his art —

Wall Drawing #65:
“Lines not short, not straight, crossing and touching, drawn at random, using four colors, uniformly dispersed with maximum density, covering the entire surface of the wall.”

photo by takomabibelot

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I saw a large installation of his wall drawings years ago at MassMOCA in the Berkshires… they must be totally different every time they are installed!