Searching within large corporations?

I’m trying to identify positions within large companies. The consultancies are fairly easy to find, but what about trying to find where you would fit in inside a large corporation - like Procter & Gamble, McDonald’s, Reebok, etc. Specifically I’m looking for the advanced concept groups that would be thinking about products 2-5 years out with activities such as user research, market analysis, concept ideation, prototyping and testing. Also, any way to tell who is doing more advanced, user-centered work and who is just creating ho-hum modifications to existing lines?

Conference rosters? (which conferences?)

this would be one of those they find you, not you find them situations.
P+G mostly hires through head hunters, just to keep out the riff-raff.

Hi Taylor,

How’re you doing? Use keywords in Google with a particular combination for example “design planning Motorola jobs” kind of thing to see what turns up. also allows that kind of search. also shortlist the firms you want to target and do their site searches, again with your particular keywords. Yes, these jobs are rarely listed. Ask Brad N. for other keywords used by corps to define product planning and forecasting, which is what you’re describing. Feel free to email me.