Searching for product intelligence

I’m doing some initial research for a master’s thesis in design engineering. The topic revolves around product intelligence, complexity, use patterns, user needs aso. - Primarily in the home environment. My interest is in the neighbourhood of the intelligent home that learns from it’s residents or is programmed to fit your moods and needs (e.g. energy saving and entertainment)

So far, I have googled and searched the university article database and found very little. Other than that, I know that Delft TU might be a place to search.

If you know of any studies in this area; articles, ph.ds, books or conferences, fora, products etc. - please let me know. Any links are appreciated.


take a look of at Don Normans site:

and look out for his new book coming out. You can read this first chapter online here:

I’m sure if you send him an e-mail he will point you in some directions to go look.

Also take a look at chapters 6 (emotional machines) & 7 (the future of robots) of his emotional design book. (Amazon)

Oh and there is Bruce Tognazzini starfire video…which is kind of related to your topic…more interface design but its interesting from a futures point of view.

Thanks a lot for your reply. I didn’t know about Norman’s new book nor the starfire video. Great! I’ll be searching for more material and will surely update the post when I find more stuff worthwhile.

I will also try to find articles or ph.d.-reports so any hints or tips are most welcome

Have you talked to the innovation lab yet?

They are close by.

jimr > I haven’t talked to them yet but I will.