Searching for product companies online

Hey guys
So I wanted to ask around. I been looking around online for a good directory of consumer products companies based in certain cities. I am sure I am not the only one that has noticed that a lot of companies only post job posting on their website and not on job search sites. I also like to browse around to see whats around for networking purposes. So far I haven’t found any good reliable sites to look for companies. Linkedin is about as good as I have found, next to design directory. Linkedin however doesn’t always work if you don’t pick the right industry or if a company hasn’t filled out their city profile. Anyone have suggestions for sites they use for company searches. is a good place to start. the IDSA(.org) would be another. You could look for jobs on Coroflot as well. On this forum most will not post to phishing threads like this.

I use coroflot/design directory and idsa all the time. I am not necessarily looking for job postings, but rather trying to find a good directory of companies for certain cities.

Go to your local unemployment office. Back in the day, they kept a book of every employer in the multi-county area. Had them categorized by manufacturer/service/etc and then subcategories like medical/electronic/etc.

I would like to think they have joined the 21st century and have moved this information online, but I since it is the gubmint, I cannot guarantee that they did.

but I since it is the gubmint, I cannot guarantee that they did.

Or, you more than likely run up against the “privacy regulations prohibit the release of this information” thing. Or some other equally innane gubamint reg.

Oh, I get you… You must have meant something like this? Communities | Industrial Designers Society of America - IDSA It was on the front page so it was hard to find.

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Yeah thats the kind of sites I am looking for. I also found dexigner to be good, but both are really only good for design firms and not actual companies. Linkedin has a good search option for companies, but you really have to know what industry to look in. For example, not all consumer product companies are in the consumer product section, some are in electrical or telecommunications.