Searching for Lighting Fixture design employment

Hey all,
I am searching around online for lighting fixture design firms, companies and jobs for in home (indoor/outdoor), maybe its a terminology thing that is messing up my search. I am mainly getting results in industrial lighting, architectural lighting, or stage lighting design. I am searching mainly google, any suggestions on where to look for actual in home lighting fixture companies?

Light fair 2013 is coming up I believe the Light show in Germany is also coming up. Good places to start

Some industry players I know:

Philips bought out Genlyte in 2007, they have a ton of brands.
DVI Lighting (residential consumer)
Bazz Lighting (residential consumer)
Heath Zenith (residential outdoor)

For more, just go to stores and look up the companies. I think there is good deal of turnover so just get your resume in the office and you will be on top of the pile when they start looking.

There is an established lighting manufacturer in Jacksonville, FL that was a break-away from Hunter Fan - they own LOTS of brands in the category and their facility includes a design studio.

Google will lead you there.