Search engine.


Just a suggestion? maybe to make the search engine area better by adding a “exact phrase” feature…

Maybe it was me, but I couldn’t figure out how to search the term “interior design” without the search engine breaking it down to hundreds of posts with the words “interior” and “design” so it was time consuming to go through all of the posts only to see none of them had anything to do with “interior design”. :angry:

What was I doing wrong? Thnx!

Same here, but I don’t think I had this problem before.

Try putting the complete phrase you are searching for in quotes.

“Design thinking” gave me 5996 results, most results had “design” and “thinking” in it, but not “design thinking”.

Alright, I see what you are saying. I thought you were talking about the search bar at the top of the site.

There is a box to tick that says search for all terms or something like that.

I did tick “search for all terms or use query as entered”; there is no distinction between “search for all terms” and “use query as entered”.


Searching for ‘Design thinking’ in the core77 boards would be like searching for ‘digital music’ in a iTunes board. Get specific on what exactly you are looking for.

The difference being that the iTunes board gives me results for “digital music” rather than results for “digital” and “music”. Even if I wanted to search for “design thinking”+book I will still have 130 matches. Why would you not want this to be sorted? This is going to be more beneficial than spending your time blaming users for not being specific enough. What’s the point of having rich content if people can’t find it? Sorry for being equally frank.

iTunes is funded by an extremely large Fortune 500 company with ties to software development. Core isn’t.

Even searching with Google you need to be more specific to get what you want. It isn’t an unreasonable answer.

There are enough boards out there that are a lot smaller than Core77 and do not have this problem. I don’t remember having this problem with the previous version of the Core77 boards.

It must be possible to implement exact phrase search, we can contact someone at the backend of Core77.
Usually we still get good results because of the limited amount of topics, but it would be great especially as the forum is growing.
I just searched for ‘deep drawing’ and guess what the results were about.