Se.xiest sports car of 2007. Watchout Bugatti!

Came across this online and had to wash my eyes straight away :blush: :unamused:
I want you people to suffer like I did when I saw this โ€œse.xyโ€ car :stuck_out_tongue: Would this be the ugliest supercar ever?

I found this interesting:

The Swiss manufacturers created their sportscar with optimal aerodynamics in mind, in order to allow it to hit a projected top speed of 250mph and still remain stable on the road.

Thus proving my earlier statement that not all supercars need to look like a Lamborghini Diablo in order to be aerodynamic.

I think only the Mitsuoka Orochi can compete with this Weber for ugliest car ever:

They probably used "optimal aerodynamics "as an excuse to cover up the ugliness :sunglasses:

the weber looks like it was designed by an engineer who just started to learn CAD. if you check it out, each of the orthographic views (ie. front, side, etc.) actually isnt so bad, but there is obviously no concept of overall 3d form and proportions.

thanks for burning my eyes. i think iโ€™ll have to take the day off now to recover.


notice how no one in the picture is looking at the car.

Haha, indeed. Their heads even have a motion blur from quickly facing the other way after finding themselves eye to eye with this orange monster.

I recently read in a research that orange was considered to be the ugliest color everywhere in the world except the Netherlands. And Iโ€™m dutch, but yeah itโ€™s ugly.

I just puked in my mouth a litle bit. :blush:

Might be cool and great for shopping but ungly.

A triked version of VW beetle looks very odd.

Most ugliest car

Fattest car lol

As shocking as this is in one way, another part of me adores what they have done here with the fatty red mobile . . . flab surfacing!? . . .can definately see this style working on something . . . .maybe a 250cc reclining moped perhaps?