Scuola Politecnico di Milano, Design Academy Eindhoven, Umea

does anyone attend a Masters Program at Scuola Politecnico di Milano, Design Academy Eindhoven, or Umea? I would like to go for industrial design or interface design.

I am very curious about all 3 schools. Any feedback on the quality of the facilities, the coursework, the teachers, or even the cities would be helpful.


i resentaly read a revew in icon magazin about the 21 most influwenchal (forgive the speling) htings in design design acadamy endhove was number 5 the onaly design school on the list. it has got an amazing reputation and is considered next to the royal collage of art in london the best school in the would. go there IF YOU CAN GET IN meany of there designers have gon on to work with droog

yes also heard great things about the Design Academy.

hope this doesnt sound ignorant but I am wondering about the similarities betwen languages- I can speak German- would that help me if I went to the Design Academy?

is the application process extremely selective? how many students apply and how many are accepted?

the aplication prosess is a bitch you must have a amazing portfolio + u must compleat several home asigments set by them that are avalable on there website. most can speck english but on the website it sogests u nneed a basic grasp of the langwaige

He im a product design student in Umea and i can tell you that the school facilities rock. I dont think there is another school with a climbing wall, a pingpong table, Icehockey table …

you have great opportunities and the international recognition of the school high, very high. i think the courses will be the same in all the schools. There are big companies who send head hunters for internships or permanent jobs. Sometimes it loks like you’re in a zoo and people are watching you. the city of Umea is not really that much, if you like snow and forest hikings, there is no better place. If you are looking to start in september here, then you are to late dude. only ten people can get in every year and next year is already full.

So maybe see u in 2006

if you base a school off of a climbing wall…
…thats sad:(

Hi early early-

I’m an '02 Masters Grad from the Design Academy. I’ll write more about it this weekend (try searching these forums for more info), but here are some basics:

A- All classes are in English. They spend considerable effort in mixing the students- my class was represented with 12 different nationalities. If you have a good grasp of english, you’ll be fine.

B- 3 different programs:

-design for humanity- ‘sustainable style’, headed by Lucy Orta (French artist)

  • IM Masters- contceptual/contextual approach headed by Droog design.

  • Funlab-- Designed Experiences, directed by Cynthia Hathaway (Canadian artist/designer)

They all have very different objectives- you’ll need to do your homework to see which one fits you.

Here’s what may be a key difference between this school and others. The program is designed to teach conceptual aptitude within highly contextual circumstances. It’s goal is to create independent designers who start and build their own studios and other creative endeavors. It’s not for the consultancy or corporate model- it pushes against it. Simply put, it’s the bad boy school of europe right now. Comparing it to Umea may be an apples and oranges affair.

Gotta go, but I must say I have yet to meet a more dynamic, energetic, smart, and happy (go figure) group of designers and artists there. It deserves it’s reputation.

thanks so much for all the great information!!!

im still deciding when i even want to return to school. i already have an ID job…it’s more about refreshing my creativity…