SCUOLA POLITECNICA di DESIGN in Milan ripped me off!!!

I applied to this school and payed my tuition (half) before I even got my student visa( I had hoped to get it mailed to Italy while I was there but did not have enough time to process)- which was a big mistake. The administration kept asking for my money and that they said everything will be OK- even though the deadline to accept students had passed. I don’t think they even check a student’s background- ie previous degree or Fluency in Italian. They just want their money ASAP. I went to see the school and it looked really shitty- like an insurance building. They portray the school on their website as being hightech and great looking- clearly not the case. They said they will help with accomodation and they never. They said that all you need is basic Italian and some English will be spoken- they lied. They moved to another location in the middle of the school year without telling students before they began the school year. When I tried to get my money back, they said no- and they threatened me if I put a bad name on their school. So I told them to fuck off and to give my money back. I am still trying to get my money back. I am pissed off at myself and the school. I wish to beat the shit out of the school administrator- should I? I just hope their school goes out of business. So to future students, do not attend this school!!!Everything on their website is a lie. There are better schools in Italy and Europe.

Fuck SPD and its people!!!

Pissed Off

Pissed Off:

I believe SPD is a threat to our national security. Therefore we will pursue a regime change!!!


Hey Pissed Off, it looks like you got ripped. The school is perhaps tied to the you know, the mob. I’ve heard similar situations from other people that the school only wants the money and don’t care where and who the students are. If I were you, I would keep pushingto get the money. Kepp putting a bad name for the school. I am sure students will not apply to that school. I think you will help a lot of prospective students. I will surely not apply to that school.


pissed off
i would just go to the school and beat the shit out of them until you get your cash if i were you or just go postal on them. the school looks a bit shady to me from what you said. i don’t know why you applied there in the first place. there are many crooks in that part of the world. besides, all those design schools in milan are over-rated or just plain crap. just stay in north america if you are from here. just because it is in italy or europe, it does not mean the schools are better there than the schools in north america. that is the perception that europeans are more stylish or better designers, that’s bull, most of the breakthrough designs are from the US or japan. do it

sorry to hear about your experience with this italian school. i know a couple of guys who went to domus academy and told me some stories…

anyway, i would contact the association of italian designers to see if they have any suggestions ( AND, first of all, i would contact, since the school you mentioned is one of their partners. as you may have already experienced, europeans are not good at responding to emails in a timely manner -if they respond at all-, so you may have to send some more threatening certified letters. if you are planning to sue remember that -in general- in italy the loser pays for ALL the legal expenses, so if you win you don’t have to pay. contacting consulate/italian chamber of commerce in the states may be some options, too.

yes, i would email all the design forums i know of to make everyone aware of the problems with that school.

Thanks for the tips. I will do what you said…


I have been accepted into the Industrial Design program at Domus Academy and Instituto Europeo di Design.I have also got into Loughborough and Salford in UK.Your thread seems to b giving me a warning bout European schools.

Your views would be of gr8 help in my decision making process.

Thanx in advance



IED Masters in ID is all in English. Domus Master in ID is in English for 2 months and then all in Italian after that. So, if you are not fluent in Italian or no Italian at all, IED is a better investment than Domus. Simply because you will understand the lectures better. IED also offers a 3 month internship after. Domus is too expensive also. I have checked out IED school and it is really nice and up to date and clean and full of really good looking people! The staff is really friendly. It is close to the centre and the famous fashion and cultural streets of Milan.

As for the rest, I have no clue!!!

Good luck!

the info that i have about domus are few years old. a friend of mine who went there said that their “state of the art” computer equipment consisted of 4 computers only, and the school seemed very disorganized. on the other hand, he really met great people and had a couple of great teachers. good place for networking. he had a lot of fun. they participated in the apple competition, won, and were all promised that they would go to san francisco, but at the end only two people went. he learned some italian, but ended up speaking english with all the students. overall, he liked the experience.

i was wondering: has anybody ever considered going to the politecnico di milano?

please dont go there. this is the consequence of open forums…

a FOOL and his money are soon parted. Designers should thank SPD for cleaning the designer gene pool of loudmouths and idiots.

to Guest before me. Why don’t you just stand up and then die!!!Fucker.

Doesn’t SPD advertise on the core77 mainpage?
same place?

yeah I that’s the one.

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I think I went to Domus the year after the 4 computer year… they had 12 when I was there! Anybody who compares Italian schools to those in the U.S. or the U.K. is in for a surprise. Yes, they are disorganised, no they don’t do everything they say they will, no they don’t have state of the art facities but YES they provide an amazing environment for students to think about design beyond the next fashion trend.

Closerthanuthink, I know you studied industrial design in Milan at Domus. There seem to be a lot of people saying the schools there are not up to par with US. ie like SPD(I will not go there for sure). I hope to study fashion in Milan. ie Masters in Fashion at Domus. From what you have seen with your fellow students in the fashion department, is it a good place to study fashion? I am from North America, I hope to get a job with an Italian fashion firm after, will it be difficult for me to get a job after I graduate in Italy?
What is the living cost there for a month?

Thanks a lot.


SPD is doing important design research. Some people go to study. Other people are for testing to be studied. SPD tests stupidity by luring people to Italy and taking thier money away! Other students observe the idiots. It is cutting edge school for marketing stupid products!

Where are you from? I am from North America. To study in Europe, you must pay first in order to get your student visa in your home country. If you don’t pay, the school wil not issue you a visa. I don’t care about the money. All I care is that since I did not have enough time to get my visa, I just want my money back- you know be fair. That’s all I want. However, SPD will not give my money. That’s why I wrote on this forum.

Other people have been writing in a negative way under my Username- belive me.

i was myself to apply to these college, domus and ied…
but thankfully i didnt…after what ihear, seems real bad!!!

Hi Saloni

Where r u from…NID.wat has made u come to this decision bout Domus and IED.This thread doesnt seem to be given a bad idea bout Domus n IED.

I have got into both and am looking forward to join.Need ur views.



hariesh, where are u from? iam currious, why Domus or IED - have you visited IED- are you taking the Masters in ID at IED. thanks