This is a sort of odd question (i’m in highschool) but why do people never put a concept into an actual 3d physical form by sculpting it. I guess it just seems a natural thing to do. Maybe people do do it, i’ve just never heard of it. Is it uncommon? Sketching has its uses, but don’t any clients have interest in actualy touching the product. I suppose that computer programs have reduced the need for this but still …

You’d be surprised how many product photos are models, hand sculpted, or rapid prototyped with machines.

I think we tend to show sketches because they are more of a window into the process into the different avenues explored while finding a solution.

…they do, or i do…the faster into 3d the better…i use foam because it is fast with hand tools & light weight (clay can get too heavy and unrealistic)…i slip lead sinkers into the foam as needed for a more realistic feel…and it can be finished off to look realistic…sketches are great to show intent or to capture concepts…but ya gotta feel it!