Scuba Radio :: Nautilus Lifeline

Our latest project is a fun one. I also got to work with fellow Core77 board Member BennyBtl on it which was icing on the cake.

You can check it out here:

If you have ever seen the movie “Deep Water”, this product would have come in handy for the unfortunate scuba divers in that situation. It is a GPS receiver with an emergency transmit function. If you go on a dive and are unfortunate enough to get back to the surface and your boat is gone, or no longer visible due to drift currents, you can radio the boat with this device that you can clip to your Buoyancy Compensator. If the boat has gone altogether, you are then able to transmit your GPS location to any boat within radio range using a digital signal now mandatory for all boats.

Nice project IP. one of those hope you never have to use it toys.

That’s a cool product. Wish there were more photos/renderings of it. Did you do the interface as well?

There will be more images soon. So far they’ve only released Ben’s photoshop renderings

They’re presenting the product at a trade show next week. We’re also going through a few minor revisions before finalizing the production run. As the project progresses, I post more.

As for the interface…there isn’t much to it. It is a push to talk radio, and an emergency button. There is a bit of programming (radio frequencies) to be done but that is through a USB port connected to a laptop.

We inherited this project mid-way through the project. A lot was already predetermined. There were some significant manufacturing issues, as well as RF issues to sort out (RF is our forte).