Scribbles. EXTREMELY simple mac drawing app.

I came across this app as i was perusing for random books. the layer view and the simplicity of this app is simply stunning. seems like more a fun program that a 2 year old could use.

i thought i would share it.


just found the tracing paper feature… so cool.

I tried this out. Interesting. What I found coolest, as a sketchbook pro user, is that the canvas area is infinite and resolution independent relative to zoom.

I could draw, zoom way in and then draw at the same resolution, zoom way back out and draw at the same resolution (it never pixelated and my brush stayed the same size). Kinda weird, but neat too. You must try it.

Sketchbookpro 3, this would be a great feature!

Yes, really simple, but unfortunately, not professionally applicable:

  • No marker tool (ie, a brush with no size sensitivity, only opacity sensitivity).
  • Not really any pencil tool either, but you can fake one.
  • No image loading/import at all (only a “tracing paper” mode).
  • No PSD file support.
  • No temporary rotating of the canvas (only of layers, al a Alias Sketchbook Pro).
  • UI is cumbersome to use (half of the tools are on the bottom left corner, half of the tool are in the upper right corner… why they did this is beyond me).

Othat than that (and an UI which looks like it’s a children’s toy), it’s pretty DAMN amazing:

  • Smooth stroke engine, never a broken line anywhere!
  • Zoom in without getting a pixellated image (it must be object/vector based, but HOW? Incredible)!
  • Smooth UI (bloody everything is animated).