Screen Capture

Hey all,

I’ve got to do some a simple computer instructional for some friends; nothing complex.

In particular, I need to reproduce the “right click” drop down window; as it ‘right click’ an image to select, “copy”, “paste”, “properties”, etc.

I’ve seen some tutorials (photoshop (Yo I think it wone of your’s)) where the individual screen is presented. How is this done?

Thanks, any help appreciated.


well, on a mac it is applr/option/4 …

on a PC, just push the print screen button (Print Scrn)

then in photoshop. paste into a new file, or whatever software you might be using.

This is what I do for making tutorials.

Thank you gentlemen. I’ll give it a shot.

( I REALLY gotta proof read my posts more carefully. … . . :blush: )

We hates Computer, we does… . . never doing whats we’s wants it to do… …

No result with, “Print Screen” or “Alt-Print Screen.”

What is the expected result immediately following hitting “Print Screen”? Does a Printer window open up, or maybe a “Save” window allowing me to direct the image where I want it?

Thanks again.

Print screen will save the image to the clipboard. A simple ctrl V in pshop and your on your way.

That worked! I finished up a ten screen presentation with captions in just under two hours.

Thank again Gents.