Screen capture into portfolio

Is that bad or copyright infringement to add something similiar to this:

into you portfolio? Looks cool, I think. Yes or No.

Didn’t link as planned, click to the 3rd image to see what I talking about.

I don’t understand what you’re trying to say. Do you care to explain?

Not sure how else or what more to explain. Is it copyright infringement (or immoral, other) to take a screen capture of one of your (not the one in the link) CAD models (regardless of program) set-up like the one in the link (three ortho views and a shaded perspective) excluding toolbars?

Which country’s copyright law? You can’t find nothing in your copyright law that allows it? Got a link to it?

Immoral in what way?

Copyright infringement generally comes into play when somebody uses content by a third party without expressive permission for their own benefit.

Are you saying this is your CAD model and you haven’t given permission to alias to use this imagery? Or do you want to post a screen capture of one of your designs in your portfolio and you’re afraid the software company might sue you because you’re showing their toolbars? That’s why you want to get rid of the toolbars?

If its your model why don’t you just ask the company if you can use their image? I’m willing to be they won’t have a problem with it as long as you tell them why you need it.

Yes yes yes, finally,

Are there any reasons legally, ethically, or aesthetically not to do this? Ie legally-copyright infringement of Alias (or Pro E, or Rhino, etc), ethically because I wasn’t involved in the design of the software, and aesthetically because it does or doesn’t look good in a portfolio?

What makes someone think an answer on the internet is the right answer?

Here is an answer…No. Unless you in China. Or maybe in Russia. Or maybe where ever you live. Then maybe its Yes. Or maybe there are exceptions were you live. Or maybe not. Or maybe you should find out and tell us.

If you are worried then only use the modeling portions of the image screen capture. Crop our the toolbars and the rest and use your creative mind to complete the portfolio page. I think i’m looking at the right image…

If I understand you right and you are using the screen shot for your portfolio, it is fine to use it.

They would only be able to get you for copyright infringement if you were claiming you designed the toolbars and was using their imagery for monitary gain…

I mean if you want to you can use the Coca-Cola logo in your portfolio… they can’t stop you.