Scout reboot

Not much info yet other than VW bought out the nameplate and is supposedly launching an EV SUV and pickup:

Interestingly enough they launched their own corporate discussion forum which you don’t see very often anymore… probably a good thing to do now that companies realize that platforms like Twitter can just crater!

Given the apparent success of the Bronco, this is a good move, and should sell like hotcakes.

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VW did a great job with the Amarok creating a comfortable and capable 4x4 utility.
I hope the new Scout or at least the EV 4x4 technology that VW will develop makes it to Australia in future.

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I was just really surprised they bought this old American… not even a brand, it’s an old model name… that is well loved amongst car people, but I would think doesn’t have anywhere near the recognition as the Bronco nameplate. Looks like the product will be nice though.

VW’s EV strategy seems to be really struggling in implementation. Software issues, price/value ratio, and delays… so adding a completely new brand seems like a real challenge. At the same time sometimes it helps to start something new without the internal/external baggage.

That said, I’m here for it. I always loved the International Scout.

I agree that the Scout doesn’t have the same recognition as the Bronco.
That said, having some heritage and nostalgic design language to draw upon and market with can only help.
I believe the agricultural manufacturer CASE owns the International Harvester brand name which may be why they only have Scout?

I’m not across the auto industry enough to back up this statement but here goes:
I think the VW group does a great job at managing their brands.
Each brand maintains its design language well and their respective target markets and price points keep them separated well enough to reduce internal competition.
The Scout brand is better positioned to compete in the American truck market than their other brands. I don’t think VW ever launched the Amarok there.
I really hope this comes to market.

@fraser_frase for sure they do manage their brands really really well. Most folks would never know that Bentley, Lamborghini, Porsche, VW, and Audi… not to mention brands we don’t get in the US like Skoda are owned by VW.

When Volkswagen bought out Navistar the International and the Scout brand names came with it. Obviously a reversal of fortune. Remember what happened when they thought they had bought Rolls Royce and ended up with an old shed and the Bentley plaque?

This time around one wondered why they saddled their struggling truck business with the Navistar “shed”. Perhaps it was more of a trojan horse.

@mo-i Ah, I was wondering how they came into owning the nameplate. I didn’t realize it came with the Navistar acquisition!

That Rolls Royce story is one for the history books. How did that all go down?