Scott Wilson's Apple Watch

The design is nice, however what I think is clever is the business aspect of the project. This gives me ideas on how to get my designs out there and develop my own products.

The idea is quite unique.

This may not be the first or last product development around an already successful product (Brand).

I find the details very useful and well proportioned!

The story reminds me of the “Glif”

Go, Scott Wilson, go !

found on yanko

i like this one better, in more than one point.
one is that it is cheaper

But this watch:

is much cheaper than this watch:

Does that make it better?

i know why i am paying the much higher price for tag heuer
i can´t see it with the nano watch straps.

i think you can´t compare those two examples because they are not trying to be the same, while i think the mnml strap and the other one are trying the same thing.

I disagree. The MNML example is taking a nano and making it full-on fashion accessory. The example you posted it simply a way to strap a nano to your wrist and make a watch out of it.

I guess this comes down to personal taste.
I don´t own a nano and i don´t know how the three versions would look like in person on my wrist, but From the pictures my opinion is that here the least amount of cover up is also my favorite. And this is the danish version.
If I want to put a nano on my wrist, I would want it to show that it is apples device and not hide it under a cage or between black snappers. And for the LunaTik, like I already said, it looks nice but is functionwise not a good deal.

As I wrote earlier, the price is just one point, the different colors that match the nano colors and the less coverage makes it for me the desireable version. The nano is designed as functionable fashion accessoire, so why wrap it in another one.

I like this. I saw the design a few days ago and def saw some Oregon series design cues but didn’t realize it was Scott Wilson. Very hopeful that this turns out well. Kickstarter at it’s best.

This changes everything. I like the watch and business model.

NURB: I’m thinking the Swatch is a better example. The iPod is going to be replaced in 9 months-2 years. The life of any of these accesories is 3-4 years. Like the Swatch, disposible. If I drop $5k on a watch, I will probably wear it longer (or at least resell it). I vote for the plastic band.

Till now I never purchased one of the newer Apple products. (for several reasons)
But on of my main concerns is the use of high grade anodised aluminium in products,
that I nearly see as “throw away”. [I am puzzled by a culture that creates fake “Victorian” houses, that dwindle in the wind but stuffs them with media gadgets which will last for centuries.]

That watch is a real game changer and nicely executed in every detail. Devine.
It would make me purchase a Nano on purpose.

Is there a goal for retail already set?


agreed Deez

Scott mentions Job’s watch mention in the video as well, he’s not claiming this “UNIQUE” idea (although some are trying to give him credit as his was their first or favorite expression of it and people love to make a hero to tell their story), but merely a considered well crafted version of it that has “gone viral” based on several variables coming together at the right time.

Similarly, Kickstarter is not necessarily “UNIQUE” or a “game changer” but this instance shows it (or a similar systems) potential.

I think one game it’ll change is the way design firms will try to get their own designs out. Rather than going out looking for sponsors or VC, they’ll follow MNML’s precedence and look to Kickstarter.

I for one am pretty psyched; I’d love to Kickstart my chef bags.

for those that may have forgot one of Scott’s earlier Apple accessories

IDiot: Seriously?

914, it was a more socio-political satire on Apple or the iPod following.
Thought it was damn clever and funny at the time.

You’re not the only one, I definitely remember that one. Didn’t get too much press though.

I thought it was a serious project hehe. Now that you mention it, it looks familiar.

Wow, this is really impressive, he just broke the $300K mark! Any bets on where this ends at? I’m thinking 450-500K.
Go Scott, go!

Nice finds Deez!
Looks like the first one with the bottle opener (designed by an engineer) submitted his right before Scott and got the rug pulled from under him while the other one put his out a few days later only to look like a knockoff.